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Spacejam offers a strategic space planning solution which will guarantee optimal usage of your current office space or additional office space requirements. We conduct a complete on-site needs analysis which is then compiled into a schedule called a data base. The data base indicates the total number of staff with all required support spaces to determine a calculated total GLA which is then converted to office layouts. Not only is it vital for us to determine your space requirements, but also to understand your company’s internal structure and goals to create an environment that is not only practical but also inspired to ensure the positive wellbeing of all staff. The use of “space smart” modular office furniture will make your office more flexible and optimize your space at the same time. A clever, well designed office is vital to boost positivity and productiveness. Let us recreate your office’s space planning to make your staff the happiest employees and your competitors green with jealousy.


Face it….. Your image says a lot! These days you need to “up your game” when competition is fears. Therefore you need to allow your business to evolve continuously.  Do this by revisiting the interior design of your office. Colour and branding plays a big roll. Your corporate identity will become the design element used for branding, colour schemes and custom designs. The energy of the interior has a big influence on the mood and drive of employees and Spacejam’s goal is to create a working environment that will be both comfortable and functional. By making use of the latest suitable finishes, office furniture and fixtures, we’ll design a tailor-made solution to suit your needs.


Transform your old tired look and wasted space into a space sufficient brand new look. Let Spacejam give your office a facelift by offering a total turnkey solution for refurbishments. Our complete office fit-out service includes all trades such as dry walling, ceilings, air-conditioning, electrics, data, office furniture and much more. First we create an as-build layout to understand what will stay and what will go. Then the new proposed space planning layouts will be presented in order to produce working drawings of all required construction and services. These drawings can then be used to create a complete bill of quantities so that a budget can be determined. We also offer the option to appoint a professional quantity surveyor to ensure the correct monitoring of money requests, legitimate contract between client and building contractor and general quality control and consulting. Combined with working drawings Spacejam also offers story boards to portray the new look and feel by means of presenting proposed new finishes, fabrics and furniture! Spacejam offers a complete project management service whereby all contractors and works are co-ordinated to ensure a seamless renovation process. Weekly meetings are held on site and minutes are kept to ensure streamline and professional service.


These days we tend to spend much more time at the office than in the past. For most of us, our office is our second home and it should matter that it works. Our lifestyle has become so fast and interactive and we need the furniture to match. Also being healthy is on the top of our lists and in our high demand lifestyles we need ergonomically designed furniture to give us the comfort and support we require. Spacejam has established great relationships with our preferred suppliers which are all on board when it comes to quality and affordable office furniture. Everyone is different and that is why most of the office furniture that we supply is custom made to suit each individual’s needs. We can supply any workstation, chair or recreational furniture you want. We pride ourselves to promote innovative designs which make it easy to plan and to function the way it should. By using modular components it increases flexibility, simplifies installations and makes it easier to manage and to buy stock. The aim is to provide well designed quality furniture with the looks as well! Contact us now for a free quote.


If you have ever moved house you will know that it is quite a mammoth task to pack, label and move! Well, just imagine 500 staff members with all their equipment, filing, storage, furniture and infrastructure. We specialize in the co-ordination and complete relocation of offices. From 5 desks to 500 desks, we are the best in the business. Spacejam partners with the leading relocation companies in the industry to ensure an all-inclusive, stress free office relocation. First we conduct a full needs analysis and a complete stock take of all the staff and items that needs to move. The next step is to meet with all department representatives to confirm all necessary arrangements, discuss packing hints and determine a project program. We provide a complete numbered office layout so that staff and items can be associated with a number which will be used for labelling and positioning. We also provide the client with all packaging material, packing assistance, specialized transporting vehicles for sensitive equipment as well as state of the art security whilst goods are in transit. The move is managed on-site by a Spacejam reprehensive whom will be hands-on during the complete relocation.


Is your company constantly changing its strategies? That is good, but what comes with it is lots of office churns I presume. Building and breaking of cellular offices as well as creating more open plan seating. No problem! Our team of qualified office movers will relocate and reposition all your existing furniture and equipment in a blink of an eye. This sounds easy but what comes with it is a well-planned space planning layout to indicate new proposed layouts and holding areas whilst churning is in place. We know exactly what are the do’s and dont’s and will co-ordinate all the different trades and service providers to interact seamlessly according to a bar chart program. We work hand in hand with your company’s facilities management team to ensure a safe environment during construction and churning to make sure your company complies with the health and safety regulations required.